When an Electronic File Cabinet Just Isn’t Enough

Every organization deals with paperwork, which is constantly slowing down the flow of business information and productivity. We all know that by implementing document management software, companies can become paperless by scanning, storing and retrieving documents for streamlined processing. Unfortunately, for some organizations, a simple document management storage and retrieval solution just isn’t enough. While the basics of a document management system are essential to any organization, imagine the opportunities when given the ability to also capture, extract and share critical information, while automating and routing documents and their data.


Through business process automation, organizations can do much more than just scan, store and retrieve, giving you the ability to attain maximum organizational efficiency for more effective decision making. Now that’s the competitive advantage you should expect from your document management solution. Let’s explore how a complete solution allows your entire organization to achieve this.

In order to get the most out of your document management investment, it’s important to choose a product that can easily capture, classify and validate your business information. As a web-based solution, document capture automation should start by integrating with scanners and multifunction printers (MFPs) while providing you with powerful tools for advanced data extraction. You should also have the ability to incorporate cutting-edge functionality like forms recognition, Zonal OCR and unstructured data extractions, where high value information is automatically detected and extracted, transforming scanned images, PDFs and more into text searchable formats. With tools like these, documents can be routed to their next destination, allowing them to get into the appropriate hands for quick decision making. Ultimately this approach eliminates manual data entry, while taking your data to the next level by transforming paper-based activities into mappable document processes, giving you an easy-to-use capture portal to automate your day to day tasks.

With employees constantly on the go – traveling and working from home – it’s important to have access to all your business materials at all times. Standard document management software can guarantee instant access to all your business information, and files can be easily located through any web browser platform via mobile device, tablet or laptop. But truly, a more powerful document management solution provides enterprise access, enabling organizations to manage project tasks more efficiently by providing analytics and business logic to go along with documentation. With access to this type of information, it presents the opportunity to improve process consistency as well as productivity. Through business process automation, users also have the ability to execute workflow commands right from their device. Whether you want to approve an invoice, send email reminders, or check to see who has or has not completed a task, document management software makes it easy to continue the flow of business information – even when you’re not in the office.

When you’re scanning your documents into one central location, you are only scratching the surface of what document management is capable of. The right solution will keep information protected, compliant and out of the hands of the wrong people. With features like advanced check in/check out and revision control, users can publish only the documents approved for release. In addition, an audit trail log provides full visibility into employee actions, and administrators can restrict access to sensitive files.

Maintaining compliance in a paper-based world is complex, but it doesn’t have to be when you use the right kind of document management software. Not only will you eliminate the risks that come along with paper-driven processes, but business process automation provides the tools for efficient methods of capturing, storing, accessing and managing your documents and their data. This allows you to stay ahead of the curve with SEC, FINRA, HIPAA and ESIGN compliance, streamlining workflows that enable administrators to track all activity from data capture through archival.

One of the most critical requirements for true efficiency is through advanced integration capabilities. With this you can provide a single point of access to your everyday business applications that will increase efficiency company-wide. Seamlessly monitor and manage secure digital signing of documents, export records and share with outside users, or streamline your accounting processes by pulling vendor names, account charts and other data to simplify data capture and indexing. The business applications used within Human Resources, Accounts Payable, Finance and other departments, can be integrated with your document management software, which has been proven to lower costs and provide rapid results. No matter the industry, department or the program, document management can be customized and integrated through open API’s with your most valued programs to fit your business needs.

Whether it’s capturing, storing or routing data throughout your company, now is the time to get ahead of the competition and implement a document management product that has the functionality to tackle even the greatest of business challenges. Square 9 solutions are living proof that they are more than just scan, store, retrieve. So look beyond the paper, and make sure the lifecycle of your documents, their data, and your employees are reaching a new level of efficiency with the right kind of document management software. For more information, contact Square 9 Softworks today!

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