Efficiency, Security, and Compliance: 3 Ways Employee Onboarding Automation Returns Your Investment

4 min • By Samuel Young • Posted Jul 1

Employee onboarding is a time-consuming, monotonous, yet necessary process that ensures all federal and local regulations are met and that new hires understand the requirements and expectations for the job […]

How Integrations in Accounts Payable Automation Lead to a More Efficient Business

4 min • By Samuel Young • Posted Jun 21

Time-consuming processes, difficult-to-locate information, and tedious data entry are all significant hurdles in manual accounts payable processes. While Intelligent information management solutions (IIM) alone can greatly mitigate these challenges, saving […]

How Recent Accounts Payable Automation Innovations Maximize ROI

4 min • By Samuel Young • Posted Jun 7

Accounts payable departments are an incredibly effective place to begin automating your office processes. With highly repeatable and time-consuming processes that are prone to errors, bottlenecks, and other inefficiencies, streamlining […]

How to Choose an ECM Solution That Exceeds Your Expectations

3 min • By Samuel Young • Posted May 23

Gaining control of your organization’s content can create elevated efficiency, security, collaboration, and customer service, enhancing your bottom line and allowing your team to focus on value-driving activities. But, let’s […]

API Integration Platforms in Intelligent Information Management: Unlocking a World of Versatility and Robustness

3 min • By Samuel Young • Posted May 10

By enhancing information visibility, enabling greater collaboration, and providing further opportunities for automation, solution integrations take your digital transformation even further by connecting the applications you use every day. However, […]

How ECM is The Key to Controlling The Tide of Information

3 min • By Samuel Young • Posted Apr 12

Information is the lifeblood of countless business decisions. Still, as organizations scale and information accumulates, it can become challenging to manage, leading to bottlenecks, security concerns, collaboration issues, and other […]

How Intelligent Information Management Enhances Agricultural Efficiency

4 min • By Samuel Young • Posted Apr 2

Running a successful farm relies on informed decisions; like all organizations, those decisions are fueled by information. Whether maintaining regulatory compliance, managing contracts, or ensuring smooth financial operations, agriculture requires […]

How AI Is Revolutionizing Document Capture: A More Accurate, Time, and Cost-Efficient Approach

3 min • By Samuel Young • Posted Mar 15

Once the stuff of science fiction, artificial intelligence is making waves as new technological breakthroughs and use cases emerge rapidly. The intelligent information management industry is no exception to these […]

Enhancing Your Student Information System with Intelligent Information Management

5 min • By Samuel Young • Posted Mar 8

School districts are undergoing a transformative shift, investing heavily in records management, primarily through student information systems, the market for which is expected to grow by 12.4% between 2019 and […]

IIM for Manufacturers: How to Conquer Compliance, Elevate Efficiency, and Enhance Customer Service

4 min • By Samuel Young • Posted Feb 16

Hectic audits, inefficient back-office processes, and difficult-to-fulfill customer requests are all familiar challenges for Manufacturing plants, most of which stem from information management challenges. As a manufacturer, how do you […]

A 5-Step Approach: Best Practices for Implementing an Accounts Payable Solution

3 min • By Samuel Young • Posted Jan 25

Successful implementation of a digital accounts payable solution depends as much on the processes in place as on the solution you choose. This rings equally true for accounting software, enterprise […]

The Future of Web Forms: 3 Trends That Can Enhance The User Experience

3 min • By Samuel Young • Posted Jan 12

From their early days as a rudimentary form of data collection to their evolution into a cornerstone of nearly all interactive online interfaces, web forms have certainly seen their share […]

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