Aerospace Company Takes Flight with GlobalSearch® ECM

3 min • By Alexa Pritchard • Posted Jan 9

GlobalSearch lets HARCO Laboratories streamline document management in a cost-efficient manner. By scanning and indexing their 17-page contract procedures, the aerospace manufacturing company has increased workflow, avoided $16,000 in annual storage costs and has made retrieving and storing documents and convenient and fast.

GlobalSearch® Drives Efficient Deliveries for Established Beverage Distributor

4 min • By Alexa Pritchard • Posted Jun 9

Delivering beer, wine and other beverages throughout the Northwestern US, General Distributors built up an enormous amount of paperwork. But in under a year of using GlobalSearch, the company was able to eliminate storage supplies, improve document retrieval to 1/6 of the time it previously took and increase collaborative efforts between employees with workflow commands.

Caltronics Business Systems Improves Document Workflow with GlobalSearch

4 min • By Alexa Pritchard • Posted Apr 9

Caltronics Business Systems implements Square 9’s solutions for companies nationwide, while also using GlobalSearch internally. With over 150 GB of files stored, employees now have immediate access to 1.5 million documents, increasing customer service by 30% and reducing the retrieval time of documents from hours to minutes.

Document Capture Automation Enables Trucking Company to Go Above and Beyond to Deliver Your Freight Ahead of Schedule

4 min • By Alexa Pritchard • Posted Nov 9

With 20 years of experience in the distribution industry, JAS Trucking knows what their customers need in a delivery service. Offering a personal, customized experience, JAS prides themselves on ensuring […]

Distribution Company Efficiently Processes the Growing Volume of Sales Orders with GlobalSearch® Document Management Software

2 min • By Alexa Pritchard • Posted Aug 9

With hundreds of daily sales, Durst Corporation was faced with the challenge of tracking orders through its unmanageable document filing system. After applying GlobalSearch Document Management, Durst measured a positive impact in customer service, plus increased savings in labor costs.

GlobalCapture® Enables Distributor to Produce High Quality Data to Deliver High Quality Goods

4 min • By Alexa Pritchard • Posted Dec 9

With File XChange, Kuna Foodservice’s Marketing, Accounting, and Services departments can search, view, edit and save documents from their everyday business applications, making collaboration more effective. In addition, document capture automation is allowing employees to save around 20 hours per week, resulting in a 20% increase in productivity in the Services department and an additional 10% on filing alone.

GlobalSearch® Document Management Software Delivers Efficiency for Wholesale Distributor

3 min • By Alexa Pritchard • Posted Nov 9

Bozzuto’s Inc., wholesale distributor of choice for New England grocery stores, chooses GlobalSearch to streamline document-intensive processes. Bozzuto’s Accounts Receivable Department is generating over 500 delivery tickets daily, saving 35 hours each week using GlobalSearch, equating to well over $20,000 in labor costs annually.

Regional Manufacturer-Distributor Stocks Up on GlobalSearch®

3 min • By Alexa Pritchard • Posted Apr 9

Buckley Associates turned to GlobalSearch for a modernized Document Management solution and in return freed up office space and eliminated future storage expenses. Buckley measures their ROI through the ease and speed of scanning, indexing, and retrieving the thousands of documents they receive weekly plus accessibility enterprise-wide.

Flying Higher with GlobalSearch® Document Management Software

3 min • By Alexa Pritchard • Posted Sep 9

Saving over $300,000 annually with GlobalSearch, Seal Dynamics had grown ten-fold as a leading global airline parts manufacturer and distributor. The product serves as the company’s complete Enterprise Content Management solution eliminating time and expenses of manual paper-filing, copying and printing.

GlobalSearch® – The “Complete Package” Solution for Assembly and Packaging Specialists

4 min • By Alexa Pritchard • Posted Aug 9

From packaging to complex mechanical assemblies, Gardan, Inc. is the preferred full-service provider for manufacturers worldwide. GlobalSearch helped Gardan avoid investing in off-site storage and instead eliminated nearly all of their filing cabinets by digitally storing over 9,000 PO’s and 17,000 vendor invoices.

GlobalSearch® Helps to Feed the Hungry

3 min • By Alexa Pritchard • Posted Apr 11

GlobalSearch is helping Community FoodBank of New Jersey to eliminate paper documents so it can fulfill its humanitarian mission more economically and efficiently. GlobalSearch has resulted in huge time savings for the FoodBank’s annual fiscal audits, saving the Accounting department at least two weeks each year.

Authorized Reseller MOS Implements Square 9’s Document Management Solutions Internally

2 min • By Alexa Pritchard • Posted Jan 30

GlobalSearch has enabled Authorized Reseller Michigan Office Solutions (MOS) to increase employee productivity by 31% while reducing the costs associated with paper and printing. MOS now has a scalable solution for managing and distributing business documents with security, compliance and speed.

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