GlobalSearch® Document Management Software Makes Dental College Smile

3 min • By Alexa Pritchard • Posted Dec 9

The Ohio State University College of Dentistry (OSU) was able to efficiently manage tens of thousands of student records and save $10,000 annually by implementing GlobalSearch. Overall efficiency has jumped by 30% and now other OSU departments are looking to adopt the easy-to-use GlobalSearch software.

Prestigious Catholic High School Graduates to Document Management Software with High Honors in Capture Automation!

6 min • By Alexa Pritchard • Posted Aug 7

Thanks to Square 9’s solutions, the majority of the school’s documents have been digitized and shredded. Having easy and immediate access to important information across departments is helping the Catholic high school operate like an enterprise.

GlobalSearch® Aids in Education for all Nations

3 min • By Alexa Pritchard • Posted Mar 11

International School Services (ISS) adopted GlobalSearch to reduce paper usage while complying with record retention policies. The nonprofit has seen boosts in productivity, eliminated 500,000 sheets of paper in the first six months, increased data circulation and is on route to saving up to one million pieces of paper within their first year of utilizing GlobalSearch.

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