Subway Restaurants Avoid Expensive Audit Penalties with Compliant Document Management Software

4 min • By Alexa Pritchard • Posted Dec 28

Located in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, Armstrong Subway, Inc. has been in operation for 33 years since it first opened its doors in 1986. A leading fast food provider in the […]

GlobalCapture® Enables Distributor to Produce High Quality Data to Deliver High Quality Goods

4 min • By Alexa Pritchard • Posted Dec 9

With File XChange, Kuna Foodservice’s Marketing, Accounting, and Services departments can search, view, edit and save documents from their everyday business applications, making collaboration more effective. In addition, document capture automation is allowing employees to save around 20 hours per week, resulting in a 20% increase in productivity in the Services department and an additional 10% on filing alone.

GlobalSearch® Document Management Software Delivers Efficiency for Wholesale Distributor

3 min • By Alexa Pritchard • Posted Nov 9

Bozzuto’s Inc., wholesale distributor of choice for New England grocery stores, chooses GlobalSearch to streamline document-intensive processes. Bozzuto’s Accounts Receivable Department is generating over 500 delivery tickets daily, saving 35 hours each week using GlobalSearch, equating to well over $20,000 in labor costs annually.

GlobalSearch® is the Perfect Recipe For Indiana Based Food Manufacturer

4 min • By Alexa Pritchard • Posted Oct 21

Producing custom food solutions since 1976, Park 100 Foods is a manufacturer of soups, sauces, and side dishes for national restaurant chains. They specialize in helping food service operators in […]

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