Public Advocacy Organization Saves Days of Labor with AI

4 min • By Samuel Young • Posted Apr 2

“It’s been a painless and effortless solution to our archival needs. It’s a time saver versus other solutions.  It does not require any additional infrastructure to maintain. Everything that we have in place serves our needs, so that’s been outstanding. I would highly recommend it to anyone who asked about a document archival solution.”

Non-Denominational Religious Organization Takes Control of Their Tasks With GlobalSearch

6 min • By Samuel Young • Posted Jan 26

Meet Child Evangelism Fellowship® of Ohio Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF®) is an international para-church organization whose three-fold purpose is to evangelize children with the Gospel, disciple them in the word […]

Mortgage Lender And Servicer Saves Time and Trees With GlobalSearch

3 min • By Alexa Pritchard • Posted Apr 25

Meet McCue Mortgage McCue Mortgage is a Connecticut-based, customer-focused mortgage lender and servicer founded in 1949. The company primarily focuses on servicing loans which includes: administering the collection of payments, […]

Tax Compliance Firm Files Faster With GlobalCapture

2 min • By Alexa Pritchard • Posted Dec 14

Meet IntraVAT IntraVAT is a small subsidiary of the LEMAN transportation group working in the field of VAT compliance. IntraVAT files value added tax returns for businesses based out of […]

GlobalSearch® Increases Administration Team Efficiency for Their Search of Compliance Documents

2 min • By Alexa Pritchard • Posted Apr 5

Meet Nasmyth West Middlesex Ltd. Starting in 2003, Nasmyth West Middlesex Ltd. (NWM), part of the Nasmyth Group, broke into the aerospace, defense, and motor sports industries specializing in surface […]

Subway Restaurants Avoid Expensive Audit Penalties with Compliant Document Management Software

4 min • By Alexa Pritchard • Posted Dec 28

Located in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, Armstrong Subway, Inc. has been in operation for 33 years since it first opened its doors in 1986. A leading fast food provider in the […]

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