Town Votes for GlobalSearch® Document Management Software

3 min • By developer • Posted Sep 9

Officials from the Town of Centerville choose GlobalSearch to manage police reports, court records and other government documents more economically and efficiently. The solution has saved officials 15 hours weekly in administrative tasks, equating to more than a 35% increase in productivity.

GlobalSearch Helps to Serve the Tax Payers of Floyd County Indiana

4 min • By developer • Posted Aug 9

The Floyd County Clerk’s Office provides consistent, quality service to the general public and tax payers of Indiana in an efficient and honest manner. With GlobalSearch they managed to save over $18,000 annually while eliminating over 25% of office paperwork.

Probation Department Processes Paperwork Faster to Keep Busy Courthouse Moving Forward

4 min • By developer • Posted Mar 4

Document Management for Judicial Industry Located in Middleburg, Pennsylvania, the Snyder County Courthouse is the local court of law focused on the well-being of the community and regulations of the […]

City of Jackson Leverages Document Management to Oversee the Community with Automated Process Efficiency

4 min • By developer • Posted Nov 9

ECM Software for Government Have you ever considered all of the document centric functions of a City Clerk’s Office? As a community’s historian and official keeper of records, the City […]

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