GlobalSearch® Document Management Proves Therapeutic for a Behavioral Health Organization

4 min • By Alexa Pritchard • Posted Jul 9

A non-profit human services agency, The Village for Families and Children utilizes GlobalSearch to securely consolidate records to be accessed through multiple locations. The agency increased business-wide efficiency with a reduced carbon footprint by eliminating 75% of paper intake, saving the equivalent of one full-time employee’s compensation.

Medical Services Company Saves Lives and Shreds Files with GlobalSearch®

5 min • By Alexa Pritchard • Posted Jul 9

GlobalSearch has helped Rockland Paramedic Services (RPS) save them both time and money while improving operations company-wide. RPS has found great success with GlobalSearch by eliminating off-site storage, reducing 95% of manual processing, and accumulating $83,000 in annual savings.

Document Management Helps Nurses Care for the Intellectually Disabled

3 min • By Alexa Pritchard • Posted Jul 9

Dimensional Health Care Associates (DHCA) instantly improved its workflow by adopting GlobalSearch. DHCA eliminated their dependence on paper records and streamlined efficiency by allowing field nurses to instantly access documents out of office, saving $70,000 annually with reductions in labor costs and office space.

Surgical Care Specialists Provides High Quality Service to Patients with GlobalSearch Document Management

4 min • By Alexa Pritchard • Posted Jul 8

Document Management for Healthcare Achieving excellence in patient care, Surgical Care Specialists is a renowned Pennsylvania surgical practice dedicated to providing comprehensive, state of the art surgical service to patients. […]

Healthcare Management Professionals Aid Document Processing Pains with GlobalSearch®

4 min • By Alexa Pritchard • Posted Jun 9

By implementing document management software, Vantage has cut paper by 90%, significantly increasing staff productivity levels as documents are now processed twice as fast.

GlobalSearch® Document Management Software Is Just What the Doctor Ordered

3 min • By Alexa Pritchard • Posted May 9

For the nurses at Acute Care Experts, GlobalSearch was a cost-effective, simple to learn software, applying an overall greater productivity level business-wide. Acute was able to downsize their workforce and save expenses for a full-time salary, while still managing to make document retention effortless from out of office.

Eliminate the Trauma of Medical Payments with GlobalSearch®

4 min • By Alexa Pritchard • Posted Jul 9

Providing medical billing services for physicians of various specialties, Accurate Professional Billing implemented GlobalSearch to gain direct accessibility to insurance claims, checks and balances and other previously stored documents to ensure proper training of their team of billing specialists. GlobalSearch has given them the ability to store 50,000 new sheets of paper each year, saving them from spending money on off-site storage space.

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