ECM Results Without ECM Software: GlobalSearch with Updated File XChange Goes Public

On April 5th, Square 9 released Service Pack 1 for GlobalSearch (v4.4.1.0) to the general public. Customers were notified that they may receive this release by request from either the Software Support help desk or through their Square 9 Authorized Reseller. As a courtesy, Square 9 had previously notified our Reseller Community about the upcoming release, 60 days prior (something we will continue to do for all releases moving forward). In case you missed the January 2017 announcement, you can read the letter here.

Guaranteed to create excitement across end user communities, GlobalSearch features performance enhancements and all new updates to the File XChange engine. We encourage our entire Reseller Community to use this release as an opportunity to touch base with customers about the advantages of upgrading.

By introducing the completely re-written File XChange into customer environments, end users gain direct integration between GlobalSearch and the Windows File System. Included with all GlobalSearch installations, File XChange enables users to search for their documents directly from the Windows Explorer search field. This allows users to edit and add new documents to an Archive, all without opening GlobalSearch. These functions can be performed from virtually any application, including the Microsoft Office® Suite, Adobe Creative® Suite and many others. This integration translates as a simplified approach to accessing, collaborating and managing business-critical documentation.

As part of the Service Pack, the new GlobalSearch Extensions Manager now allows users to install and configure desktop extensions using the browser, including functionality previously only available in desktop applications, which includes File XChange. In addition, upgrades to web services in the GlobalSearch desktop client have resulted in improved performance when paging between multiple documents open in the Document Viewer. GlobalSearch will change the way your customers interact with GlobalSearch, especially in cases where ease of content creation and collaboration are essential.

GlobalSearch is the current shipping version and Square 9 Professional Services are deploying it by default. As always, if a customer has logged any issues due to a defect being addressed in this Service Pack, Square 9’s Software Support team will be contacting you individually to discuss upgrade options.

To help prepare for customer requests, click below for more information on v4.4.1.0 updates, File XChange documentation, and to request media download. If you have any questions regarding the GlobalSearch Service Pack, please contact the Square 9 Software Support Team or your Regional Sales Manager.

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