Augment MFP Deployments with Desktop Scanners

Recognizing and managing uncontrolled information is an overwhelming challenge for businesses today. A recent AIIM study found that 81% of organizations understand the impact that mismanaged data has on employees, specifically remote workers. Yet they fail to implement an effective solution to tackle this process inefficiency. Data inconsistencies caused by uncontrolled information leads to unreliable… Read More

Document Management Benefits Non-Profit Organizations

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Is your non-profit organization cluttered with volunteer applications, donor records, board member files and tax returns? Increase your file organization and staff productivity with a structured yet customizable document management solution, built to reward storage reductions, improve workflow and provide immediate access to volunteer-related information. In return, this drastically shortens document retrieval times to ensure a… Read More

Document Capture Solutions: Automation to Fit Your Everyday Needs

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There are many myths about document capture solutions and how these applications work. Many people assume capture technologies are too complex and costly. Or, they consider their current scanning frequency too low to gain the true benefits of capture automation. But these theories no longer suffice. Regardless of company size and scanning capacity, document capture… Read More

Implementing a Barcode Recognition Strategy for Document Management

The utilization of barcodes continues to evolve with advancement in technology. Even a smartphone has the ability to scan for product information, to play music, and enter contests. Readily available and accessible, computers can easily read these embedded encryptions, and innovative organizations are taking full advantage of their capabilities.

Alleviating 4 Common Business Pains with an ECM Strategy

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On average, with every new year in business, organizational content increases by 200% (Forrester Research). Although the popularity of digital documents continues to grow, paper is still dominant in business. With documentation moving between departments and file cabinets, not having control or a strong document management strategy in place could lead to processing challenges and… Read More

Making the Most of Capture Automation with OCR Technology

For over 70% of organizations, scanning is the leading method of document capture. However, AIIM Research finds that only 13% of those organizations leverage Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to automate the extraction of data from scanned documents. Unfortunately for the other 87%, they are missing out on one of the greatest benefits of capture automation.… Read More

Solving Everyday Challenges With Digital ECM Transformations

Documents, data, decisions, oh my! It’s no wonder why paper-driven processes are becoming increasingly overwhelming for businesses to manage. 47% of organizations admit the need to hold something physically remains the primary reason for continued paper usage. Yet the demand for paperless communications is rapidly increasing for 65% of those same survey respondents. That’s why… Read More

Capture Automation Streamlines Intelligence in Government Agencies

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Did you know that the County of San Diego is saving over $225,000 a year by digitally transforming document-intensive tasks into automated workflow processes? Did you know that by investing in document capture automation technology, your organization can accomplish the same? In fact, with capture automation software, government agencies can improve all aspects of paper-based… Read More

3 Ways Law Firms Win with Capture Automation Software

Arguably one of the most document-intensive industries, 74% of legal businesses still rely on a manual process to gather the information, evidence, and documents required for discovery. Managing hundreds of client letters, legal service agreements, and government filings monthly, law firms are among the best candidates for capture automation software. Although cautious to take processes… Read More

Improving Workflow in the Manufacturing Industry

Research shows that workers in the manufacturing industry spend 20 to 40 percent of their time gathering information before they can even begin completing daily tasks, according to IBM ECM. Manufacturing organizations are often dominated by materials and equipment, leaving little room for the storage of documents including, shipping and receiving files, job tickets and… Read More