Just Ask Google: Why GDPR Compliance Should Not Be Ignored

2 min • By Lauren Ford • Posted Jan 30

Last week, the French data protection authority announced that it had slapped search engine powerhouse Google, with a $57 million fine for violating the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). GDPR […]

Avoid Costly Violations with Human Resources Automation

3 min • By Allison Kiely • Posted Nov 5

No matter the size of your company – whether 10 or 100,000 employees – there are dozens of regulations to comply with in your Human Resources department. From the first […]

6 Ways Human Resources Automation Improves Business Processes

3 min • By Lauren Ford • Posted Sep 25

Document management software enables Human Resources (HR) departments to take better care of people and policies without the heavy burden of paper. Through advanced capture technologies, document management software improves document creation, storage, […]

Business Challenges for Non-profits and How to Solve Them

2 min • By Sam Young • Posted Aug 7

Non-profit organizations do tremendous work to improve and reshape the world for the better, but many of these organizations face serious financial and logistical challenges when it comes to conducting […]

Encompass 2018: A Conference With Something For Everyone

2 min • By Allison Kiely • Posted Jun 12

Are you looking to be educated, energized and empowered? The Square 9 Encompass 2018 conference education sessions have been released and we are excited to share what’s in store! The […]

GDPR: What the New Data Regulation Means For Your Business

2 min • By Lauren Ford • Posted May 22

Unless you’ve been lost in the Himalayas, you’ve probably heard about the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), a new set of privacy regulations that will go into effect on May […]

Document Management Benefits Non-Profit Organizations

3 min • By Lauren Ford • Posted Sep 5

Is your non-profit organization cluttered with volunteer applications, donor records, board member files and tax returns? Increase your file organization and staff productivity with a structured yet customizable document management solution, […]

Alleviating 4 Common Business Pains with an ECM Strategy

3 min • By Alyssa Anderson • Posted Jul 18

On average, with every new year in business, organizational content increases by 200% (Forrester Research). Although the popularity of digital documents continues to grow, paper is still dominant in business. […]

Recognizing When Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Is Right For You

3 min • By Alyssa Anderson • Posted Jun 28

According to the Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM), on average, businesses spend $20 to file a single document. It then costs an additional $220 to search for and replace […]

Define Your Digital Transformation with Document Capture Automation

2 min • By Lauren Ford • Posted Mar 10

In today’s increasingly information-intensive world, having the speed and accuracy to efficiently locate, edit, share and store documents – both paper and digital – can make all the difference. But […]

The Right Solutions Partner Gives You an Advantage

2 min • By Alyssa Anderson • Posted Mar 2

As technology continues to rapidly evolve, document management is without question one of the top considerations for business growth. But the real question is which document management partner is the […]

When an Electronic File Cabinet Just Isn’t Enough

4 min • By Alyssa Anderson • Posted Feb 17

Every organization deals with paperwork, which is constantly slowing down the flow of business information and productivity. We all know that by implementing document management software, companies can become paperless […]

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