Hire to Retire

Square 9 Airs Advantageous Release of Hire to Retire Human Resources Solution

Square 9’s Hire to Retire releases a new web based solution for eliminating paper intensive Human Resource processes.

NEW HAVEN, CONN., June 25, 2013 – Square 9® Softworks announced today the release of Hire to Retire, a new web enabled solution designed to streamline document centric Human Resource processes. Hire to Retire has a distinct purpose as an end-to-end solution specifically designed to enhance human resource management from the initial onboarding phase and throughout the employee’s career.

With the introduction of an interactive web form interface, organizations not only eliminate paper, they also benefit from the re-purposing of captured data. Hire to Retire significantly improves all Human Resource activities including document creation, storage and retrieval while overseeing retention policies, and adherence to federal and state compliance requirements.

As a potential employee moves through the hiring process, Hire to Retire allows pertinent information to be captured off a web based employee demographic form. Data elements are then repopulated into required onboarding forms such as I-9 and state and federal W4s, avoiding repetitive data entry. The flexible workflow of Hire to Retire manages future activities like interview scheduling, while providing notification of post-hire activities including periodic reviews, benefits activation, and credentialing.

“By pre-defining the best practices for employee onboarding including all standardized forms, we are able to deliver a cost effective solution for reducing the processing costs associated with Human Resource Management” stated Brent Wesler, Square 9’s Vice President of Business Development. “Hire to Retire is a solution that organizations of any size can leverage to work more efficiently while improving government compliance” Wesler added.

As a touch-friendly mobile solution, Hire to Retire fully supports the application of signatures through a mouse or touchpad enabled device. The use of electronic signatures enables employees to digitally execute government-required forms without the need for printing or scanning. As the web forms are finalized, Hire to Retire automatically creates and files a PDF version including any digital signatures in adherence to government required compliance regulations.

To see Hire to Retire in action, a four-minute video is provided at www.square-9.com/hire-to-retire

About Square 9 Softworks:

Square 9 Softworks is an award winning developer of scanning and document control solutions that enables its customers to realize their dream of a paperless office. With solutions for document workflow and mobile document delivery, Square 9 has helped companies of all sizes to get control of their paper intensive processes with solutions that meet the rapidly evolving needs of the business community.

SmartSearch, Square 9’s flagship document management software has been recognized continually for its innovation including Buyers Laboratory’s coveted five star rating in 2013 and Winter pick award for Outstanding Enterprise Document Management Solution in 2013.

Square 9 Softworks distributes its solutions internationally through a network of highly skilled channel partners from its corporate offices in New Haven, Connecticut.