The Art of Doing More with Less

3 min • By Ashley Gonzalez • Posted Feb 20

Minimalism, as a concept, is a tool that can be used to better serve the goals you’re looking to accomplish. Minimalism can be used for personal goals that range from […]

ECM Software: The #1 Draft Pick for Fantasy Sports Champions

3 min • By Ashley Gonzalez • Posted Feb 13

Did you know that as of 2017, there are 59.3 million fantasy sports players? That’s about the size of California and New York combined! How many of you are a […]

Work Smarter, Not Harder with Business Process Automation

3 min • By Ashley Gonzalez • Posted Feb 6

If your business deals with paper in any capacity, chances are you can benefit from document management software. Document management at its core allows a business to better organize their documents […]

Importance of Upgrading Your Document Management Software

2 min • By Ashley Gonzalez • Posted Jan 16

Have you upgraded your document management software lately? If not, why?! Staying up to date with the latest, cutting-edge enterprise content management (ECM) platform enables organizations to build upon their document management needs […]

4 New Years Resolutions to Keep Your Business Competitive in 2018

3 min • By Ashley Gonzalez • Posted Jan 9

The new year is time to establish brand-new resolutions that will set you up for continued prosperity in 2018. But why stop at personal growth? Expand your thinking to include […]

Square 9 & the Rising Tech Industry in New Haven

3 min • By Ashley Gonzalez • Posted Jan 2

What could a relatively small city in Connecticut have in common with groundbreaking technology companies like Google and IBM? New Haven, home of the prestigious Yale University, is in the […]

Accessibility at its Best! Search Your Business Content with One Click

2 min • By Ashley Gonzalez • Posted Dec 19

According to Interact, approximately 20% of an employee’s time in the workplace is wasted by searching for information to perform their job effectively. Believe it or not, that is equivalent to […]

Document Capture Automation Improves Your Work With Data

3 min • By Ashley Gonzalez • Posted Dec 5

Your business deals with documents on a constant basis. Without technology in place, organizing the different types of files and contact points for written communication can be intense. You might […]

The Paperless Alternative: Document Management Best Practices

4 min • By Ashley Gonzalez • Posted Nov 28

As businesses move towards automated document management and begin to adopt software to remedy their paper-based problems, many will initially feel overwhelmed or discouraged. With many years of paper-based processes, businesses often […]

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